DYM3 型三相恒功率电热带


  型号含义: Model implication


  结构示意图 Structural diagram





  (5)内护套(F46 氟塑料)




  工业Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ类二区


  介电强度:>2000V 50Hz/1min

      (1) Bus

      (2) Insulating layer (F46 fluoroplastics)

      (3) Insulating cover layer (F46 fluoroplastics)

      (4) Thermal fuse

      (5) Inner sheath (F46 fluoroplastics)

      (6) Tin plated copper wire or metal shielding layer

      (7) Intensive cover layer (anticorrosive coating of F46 fluoroplastics)

      Applied occasions

    2nd zone  of industry category,,

     Normal insulation resistance:50ΜΩ/hm (one hundred meter)

     Dielectric strength: 2000V 50Hz/1min

  产品规格    Product specification


  常态绝缘电阻:>50MΩ/km(百米) 介电强度~2500V 50Hz/1min

  高耐温等级205℃、防爆标志Ex eⅡC T4 Gb

      Insulation resistance in normal state: >50MΩ/km (hectometer)    Introduced electric strength~2500V  50Hz/1min

      Maximum temperature resistant grade 205℃, explosion-proof sign Ex eⅡC T4 Gb